What is a Boutique Cruise ship?

Our Onwers coined the phrase when the comestic  renovations of the AquaLounge were complete. In their travels around the world, they stayed in plenty of nice Hotels. However, the elegance and class of the boutique hotels, seperated  them from the rest and became their only choice. A smaller, intimate feel surrounded in luxury to complete the ultra- personal VIP vibe, this is what they wanted to duplicate with Aqualounge ship. 
It consists of many qualities which include a contemporary or minimalist decor, while offering specialized amenities. High level of customer care and services to reflect the personalities of the style of the designer/owners.
Aqualounge is just that, and provides our clients with a sense of something exclusive and taste. 
The Toronto area has plenty of boats if you want something for 100 to 500 people…. but if you are looking for a VIP Yacht to entertain 22 to 50 in the best floating lounge in the city, our boutique ship is it! 
Come and enjoy experience. 

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From our spacious interior VIP lounge to all the sun drenched upper and lower decks provide a variety of versatile spaces that can be tailored to your events specific needs, all while enjoying the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario.

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The Ship

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AquaLounge specializes in excellence. Inspired by the Mediterranean yachting culture, experience your coveted oceanic getaway. While other boat/yacht rental companies charter hundreds of yachts, we’ve selected and designed the perfect, purposeful yacht with the most luxurious water-top offerings.

Every detail is elegant and contemporary, yet classic for you to personalize and embellish to your liking. AquaLounge is the only event venue that’s docked on Lake Ontario and provides a first-class view of Toronto’s skyline to your party guests.